Durand Area Food Pantry Guidelines
Pantry Hours: Wed 9-Noon and Thurs 1-4pm
Phone 715.672.3203
Bad Weather: If the area schools are closed,
the Durand Area Food Pantry will be closed too.

The Durand Area Food Pantry is run by volunteers and governed by guidelines set by Second Harvest Hartland, Feed My People Food Bank, TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These organizations and programs allow us access to food resources that provide our pantry with food and assistance. The pantry is obligated to enforce these guidelines equally and fairly for all clients.

The Following Rules Apply to All Durand Area Food Pantry Clients:

All clients must register yearly (beginning in October) filling out a new TEFAP application form. You only need to sign the form once, no more monthly signing form, however at each visit clients are now required to provide some form of ID showing your name and address such as a current utility bill, human services letter, driver’s license, lease statement or other mail would be needed to verify information. In order to make this process easier we will be assigning a Durand Area Pantry ID Card. You will receive a card once you provide information listed above. Each time you come back to the Durand Area Food Pantry this card must be shown at the front desk.

One client account per address is allowed. When filling out the new TEFAP form all informatin regarding income for ALL adults in the household must be in line with the TEFAP monthly income limits (if unsure see monthly limits sheet on desk at location) as well as including the names and dates of birth of each one in the household. 

Clients must live in the Durand Area School District.

If you have a change of address or have a change in household members during the year please notify the Durand Area Food Pantry and make necessary changes on your TEFAP form at your next visit. Please help keep all information current and correct.

All Clients Are Expected to Behave Respectfully

Clients deserve to be treated with respect and volunteers and other clients deserve to be treated with respect.

Disrespectful clients will be asked to leave. Disruptive clients, clients with disruptive children will be asked to leave.

Clients that wish to challenge pantry rules or feel they have been mistreated have a right to file a written complaint with the Durand Area Food Pantry Board of Directors.

Volunteer Pantry workers have the right to refuse service to disrespectful or disruptive clients.

All clients Please Observe Pantry Rules for Shopping

Take only what is needed. We are here to help clients through hard times, NOT to be an ongoing source for food. 

Clients may shop once a month.

Observe shopping item limits. There are signs stating the number per household that can be given out, please observe those limits.

Current bag limits per household are as follows: One person receives 1 bag; 2 people receive 3 bags; 3 people receive 3 bags; 4 or more people receive 4 bags.

All food must fit inside the bags, and bags should not overflow. When using the blue Walmart bags they must be the ones the pantry provided, otherwise the brown grocery bags will be available for you, and no other bags are to be used.

Some items may be left outside the bag such as: produce, milk, bread item, eggs, meat, or any specials.